Saturday, September 3, 2016

Witchblade: Origins (TPB Vol. 1B)

Witchblade: Origins
Trade Paperback Vol. 1B
Top Cow/Image

Vital Stats:

Published in 2001 by Top Cow/Image
Written by David Wohl and Christina Z.
Art by Michael Turner (pencils) and D. Tron (inks)
Cover B (TV photo featuring Yancy Butler)

Witchblade: Origins collects the first eight issues of Top Cow's 1995 series about Sara Pezzini: an NYPD detective who bonds with an ancient artifact that gives her superpowers. This particular story arc is the basis for season one of TNT's Witchblade series, hence the photo cover. Witchblade: Origins has everything you want in a modern comic book. There's a cool story with snappy dialogue coupled with the jaw-dropping artwork of Michael Turner (R.I.P.). This series is a crucial part of the second wave of Image comic books that solidified the company's place in history.

I acquired this copy from Half Price Books for $2. It's still in print, so you can get a copy for cover price or less. I highly recommend that you do.

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